Simplex makes cryptocurrency accessible to all

Simplex is an EU-licensed financial institution, providing the fiat infrastructure for the crypto industry. Simplex processes crypto-to-credit card payments with a 100% guarantee – in case of a fraud chargeback, the merchant gets paid by Simplex Join Our Team

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49 Fiat Currencies
20 Cryptocurrencies
$ 1B+ Processed

Nimrod Lehavi

Co-Founder & CEO
Simplex founder Nimrod Lehavi’s career spans over more than two decades of entrepreneurship and management experience. His reputation precedes him in the startup scene and blockchain community for his vision, leadership and proven ability to innovate and scale as well as his no BS mentality. Nimrod is a board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association and has lead Simplex from its inception in 2014 to its current market leader position.

Erez Shapira

Co-Founder & CTO
Co-founder Erez Shapira brings to Simplex extensive hands-on experience as a developer and team leader working on developing fraud detection and decision-making systems at PayPal. A seasoned leader, Erez drives the tech team to uncompromising excellence. Erez holds a B.A. in Computer Sciences and Economics from Bar-Ilan University, and a MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Netanel Kabala

Co-Founder & CAO
A specialist in all aspects of fraud, risk and decision-making systems, co-founder Netanel Kabala provides Simplex with essential experience from the world of digital finance. Before Simplex, Netanel worked for PayPal as a fraud analyst, team and group leader, dealing both with back-end automation and user-facing risk platforms. He holds a B.A. in Economics & Management and an MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University.