The world’s leading fiat infrastructure for the crypto world, enabling fraudless payments with a full chargeback guarantee

Simplex is an EU licensed financial Institution, leading the crypto ecosystem connection to payments and fintech industries successfully for over 6 years.

Working with all the global leaders across the blockchain ecosystem, Simplex is dedicated to making cryptocurrency securely and easily accessible to all.

Crypto onramp Turnkey solution

Seamlessly launch crypto onramp services with zero risk
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Fraudless Crypto payment processing

Zero risk global, faster credit card processing for crypto
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Simplex Banking

Global, secure Crypto-first banking, integrated in your platform
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The Simplex Killer Feature

Simplex enables merchants worldwide to accept diverse payment methods, including credit card deposits and purchases, with zero exposure to chargeback risk. Simplex’s AI technology analyzes every transaction in real time using proprietary, fully automated, machine-learning algorithms that eliminate fraud while increasing conversion.
More About Us

Fraud Prevention

Eliminate risk and let it be handled by our fraud prevention experts

Global Coverage

Use Simplex to process payments with multiple payment methods, wherever your clients are

Maximize Conversion

Eliminated fraud with increased conversion of otherwise declined users

Cryptocurrency Adoption

Enable mass market users with Crypto friendly banking services